In this area you are able to help a friend with remote assistance.

Suspicious file

Perform an accurate analysis in case of a suspicious file.
With Hybrid Sandbox

Remote assistance

Help a friend in difficulty providing remote support via TeamViewer QS.
For Windows - Ubuntu - Fedora - Mac

Recent vulnerabilities

Browse the site of the US-CERT for finding last vulnerabilities report.

Who Am I

I am a lone programmer.

In the life of every day are a simple employee. As there are so many. I have become after a long apprenticeship between shelves, warehouses and forklifts. For many years the day the worker and student in the evening, we plan for passion not being my first profession.

If you are interested in my research go to the US-CERT: VU#950576

Or find out what I think of Social Media by watching the video Look Up



Systems Engineer




Researcher vulnerability


Main features

Here you can find technical documentation and videos related to Endpoint Protection (Download)

Video tutorial

Protection against real attacks

Open documentation

Online help

Show screenshots

Suite interface

To avoid family quarrels

Mostonet Endpoint Protection 9.07

Free protection with EDR to protect your PC and business (Details)

For Home - Personal use

For all Windows platform

The ideal version for home use.

Lingua italiana

For emergency - Portable

For emergency situation

Perfect for technicians.

Lingua italiana

For Business Client


for Server

With donation if possible

Lingua italiana

For Smartphone and Tablet

Mostonet Family Safer

Android 5.0 or later

Forum and friends sites

I do not own one of my own forum, but I can strongly recommend the following sites.

ITIS P.Paleocapa "Esperia"

Established in 1885 in onor of Pietro Paleocapa

School in technical top-notch in Bergamo. A reference point for future technicians.

List friends sites

discovered from 1996 with good Forum

A mix of curiosity, news and knowledge of the IT world of today and tomorrow.

Informatica Libera

discovered from 2021 with good Forum

Point of reference for all lovers of the Linux world and beyond.


Did you find a bug in the Suite? Want to leave a tip or are you an employer? Write me...

Write an email it's sometimes be the easiest way to find a solution. I will try to answer in my spare time.